Streetwize 8pc Bungee Set

Streetwize 8pc Bungee Set
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Brand: Wowcamping
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These elastics are for “light duty” applications, such as securing suitcases for travel or to hold cases on airport trolleys, for cycle bags/paniers & many other garden & household uses Always use eye protection when fitting & keep out of reach of children Always ensure that the hooks are fully secured at the point of attachment Tested & compliant according to BS AU 258:1995 Sizes 2 x 8mm Ø x 450mm Length (Approx.) / Max Useable Length 810mm (Approx.) 2 x 8mm Ø x 600mm Length (Approx.) / Max Useable Length 1080mm (Approx.) 2 x 8mm Ø x 800mm Length (Approx.) / Max Useable Length 1440mm (Approx.) 2 x 8mm Ø x 1000mm Length (Approx.) / Max Useable Length 1800mm (Approx.)