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Time to Gear Up, It's Fishing Season

Welcome to your favourite angler's dream store. Shop the best fishing gear at your preferred online mall, Salmon. We house the best of everything you need to have a fun day out. Do you need fishing rods bags or a UV salmon whistle? We have it all.

We have absolutely everything you need to catch all kinds of fish. On our site, you will find a broad spectrum of gear for salt and freshwater, including clothing and accessories such as our outdoor windbreaker jacket and flyfishing gear such as fly rods, flies, reels, and other accessories.

We are also home to an equally impressive collection of outdoor gear to help you complete your fishing trip. Get the best fish smoking supplies, boating accessories, and knives from us.

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We Have Everything Angling At Salmon.

Here we have all it takes to make you a happy angler. Our impressive collection of fishing gear will get you prepared to face the water. This includes fishing rods bags, wellington boots marine electronics, and boating accessories. Our selection of salmon and steelhead gear, bass, trout, crappie, pike and muskie, and walleye tackle will ensure you are on top of your game. At salmon, we feature leading brands including Seaguar, Z-man, Strike King, Rapala, and so much more.

So What's Fishing?

As most drift anglers will agree, the best bait needs the right gear. You cannot afford to have the right bait when your fishing rods reels are not up to the task. At Salmon, we serve you a variety of buying options to meet your angling needs.

Beyond getting the proper fishing gear, you need the right clothing and accessories to ensure that you are safe out there. Get the best, most affordable rain gear and fishing clothing, including waterproof jackets boots, gloves, masks, and boat bags. There's something fishing over here to help you get fishing.

Affordable Fishing Gear

You need fishing gear that is of top quality, able to withstand prolonged use. At Salmon, we believe that choosing quality should not place a huge burden on your wallet. We are the perfect blend of affordability and premium gear by the best brands in the market.

That is the beauty of what we do. Our outdoor windbreaker jacket selection features the best brands worldwide, from designer brands like Bottega to trusted names like Helly Hansen and Marmot. At Salmon, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. It is our assurance that we will meet your needs.

Fishing Gear Questions Customers Often Ask

Should I rent or buy fishing gear?

Renting fishing gear is a common mistake most beginner anglers make. Although it is more affordable short term, there is no means of checking the quality of your equipment.

What fishing gear do I need for salmon?

Your typical salmon fishing gear includes a 9-foot rod and a 15-30 pound rated line. However, an 8 1/2 feet rod would also suffice. Also needed are spinning reels or a baitcasting reel.

How much does fly fishing gear cost?

The average cost of mid-range fly fishing gear, depending on where you are buying from, costs $300 to $500. This price tag accommodates everything you need to begin life as an angler.