Quest Advanced Bowl Rinse 2L

Quest Advanced Bowl Rinse 2L
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This is a high quality, made in the UK, concentrated advanced bowl rinse.. It can be used in all makes of toilets and cassettes and is used in conjunction with your toilet fluid to maintain hygiene across your entire toilet environment. It helps cleans and protects your toilet whilst giving of a fresh fragrance. Simply add 100ml of fluid for every 10L of water in your toilets flush tank and fill to your manufacturers instructions. It will release its perfume and help clean you bowl during flushing. It is designed to be used in caravan and motorhome plastic toilets so does not damage or mark them as standard domestic products designed for ceramic toilets would. Made in the UK Cleans and protects Fresh fragrance For all makes of toilets and cassettes Designed for caravan and motorhome style toilets Non-hazardous Perfect companion to the Quest 2L concentrated toilet fluid Materials and Dimensions ItemCode : B0002 Volume: 2L Toilet type: All makes of toilet and cassettes Fluid location: Toilet flush tank Dilution: 100ml fluid to 10L of water Makes: 200L