Light Up Menu Magnifier Wine - with Carry Pouch

Light Up Menu Magnifier Wine - with Carry Pouch
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Brand: Wowcamping
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THE most useful gift you could give anyone who needs glasses and eats out! Ever noticed how many people struggle to see the menu in trendily dark restaurants? Glasses alone just don’t work . you need light too! Slip the Menu Magnifier out of its pouch, press the ‘on’ button and this eye wateringly obvious gift will illuminate AND magnify the small print on any menu or wine list. If you need glasses you’ll love this A gift you will definitely buy two of one to give one to keep! It lights up and magnifies the menu! Comes with batteries fitted Luxury velour lined carry pouch for bags and pockets Perfect gift for parents and grandparents Who WOULDN’T you buy one for? Go large with the menu print!