Jack Wolfskin Mancora 0.7 Water Bottle Phantom

Jack Wolfskin Mancora 0.7 Water Bottle Phantom
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Brand: Wowcamping
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Staying hydrated is important when you’re exercising, whether you’re up on the hill or down at the gym. The MANCORA 0.7 makes it easy. This water bottle is very light yet virtually indestructible. The bottle has an ergonomic spout, so you can keep moving while you’re drinking. The MANCORA has a captive lid, so you’ll never lose it, and an O-ring handle, so you can carry it with one finger. When you’ve finished using it, simply clip the bottle to your bag or pack. Measurements: 26 x 7 x 7 cm Leak Proof Lid Weight: 165g Capacity: 0.70 Lit. Drinking spout with locking mechanism Easy to fill and clean Hygienic, taste-inert, BPA-free plastic Very light and robust With carry handle Wide-mouth bottle with drinking spout 0.7 litre capacity