Highlander Turbo Lighter with Twin Flame Olive Green

Highlander Turbo Lighter with Twin Flame Olive Green
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The Turboflame Ranger is the ideal windproof lighter, essential for any outdoor enthusiast. It features double-power jet flames that can reach temperatures of up to 1300 deg C. Turboflame’s clean burn technology means it can also melt synthetic materials without depositing black carbon, so outdoor equipment can be quickly fixed without discoloration. Outdoor enthusiasts include Turboflame in their emergency kits to melt p-tex, seal micro-cracks in boards and canoes, cut and seal PARA rope and blast rust from metal. Turboflame lighters can work up to altitudes of 3000 meters and do not self-combust at high altitudes. It also features a gas level indicator, a lanyard attachment point and a safety cap. Capable of burning at any angle, even upside down, these adaptable survival lighters provide safe ignition for just about anything, anywhere. TURBOFLAME - not just a lighter…an essential outdoor tool 1300c FLAME - light HEXI blocks in seconds, cut and seal para-rope, solder metal, fuse wire joints, heat seized bolts, thaw frozen locks, hot melt polyethelene and ski p-tex. TWIN LASER JET FLAME - ideal for jobs that require an intense amount of wind resistant heat in a short burst. CLEAN BURN FLAME - doesn’t scorch or carbonise equipment and allows repair glue and wax to adhere more strongly. MULTI-ANGLE FLAME - can light upside down and reach those tricky areas without burning fingers. FLIP SAFETY CAP - Keeps the burners clean and allows easy one hand operation. FUEL VIEW WINDOW - To monitor the butane gas level in the lighter. LANYARD ATTACHMENT POINT - Great addition to attach a lanyard. WIND RESISTANT FLAME - lights even in the worst weather conditions. HIGH ALTITIUDE FLAME - works up to 3,000 metres (12,000 ft) without self combusting.