Heng Balance Lamp - Oval - Black (04931.BK)

Heng Balance Lamp - Oval - Black (04931.BK)
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Brand: Mikamax
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Have you ever seen a lamp turn on with magnetism and balls? Now you have. Heng Balance Lamp is the lamp that does not turn on in any old, regular way. Forget about contacts and buttons! To turn on the Heng Balance Lamp, place the lower ball near the upper one as they magnetically connect and let you bathe in a warm light. Turning on lights will never be the same again.The lamp not only has a unique way of turning on, but also fits neatly into your home with a stylish and minimalist oval design. Material: Mat plastic (ABS).Dimensions: W: 28 x H: 32.5 x D: 10 cm.Available in several colors and sizes.