Grangers Merino Wash 300ml

Grangers Merino Wash 300ml
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Merino requires proper care to make its performance last. Grangers Merino Wash is bluesign approved, powerful, wash-in cleaner that gently cleanses and refreshes merino wool and baselayers. It neutralises odours, safely removing dirt without stripping out the natural oils that are key to merino’s performance. It contains natural cedar extract to repel moths and protect your clothing. Features: Powerful yet gentle cleaning Cedar extract to repel moths Removes dirt Neutralises odours Protects natural water-repellent and anti-bacterial properties 100% recycled bottle Bluesign approved Performs the same in hard or soft water How to Use: 1. Whether washing in hard or soft water, simply use 1 capful (50ml) per wash load. 2. Pour product directly into the washing machine drawer, in place of normal detergent. 3. Wash according to care label instructions.