Grangers Footwear Brush

Grangers Footwear Brush
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Grangers Footwear Brush is the perfect accessory for cleaning and maintaining your outdoor footwear, prolonging its ability to keep you protected. Footwear is often the most hardworking element of any outdoor kit — and is often the dirtiest as a result. Unfortunately, the mud, muck, dirt, and dust acquired during an adventure or hike can have a detrimental effect on your footwear’s performance, including its ability to repel water, and its breathability. Luckily, Grangers Footwear Brush has been designed to help you fully clean your boots and shoes with the minimum amount of effort. With tough bristles to dislodge surface dirt, and a pointed end for chipping away even the most dried-on mud, this product provides the perfect first-step in any cleaning regime - whether you’re at home or out on the road. Grangers Footwear Brush is suitable for use on all types of footwear, including those with Gore-Tex and eVent membranes. It is ideal for removing dirt before cleaning with Grangers Footwear + Gear Cleaner. Features: Wooden base Bristles Pointed to remove stubborn dirt How to Use: 1. Firmly hold the brush, applying light pressure to remove dust and dirt. 2. For stubborn, dried-on dirt that is more difficult to remove, use the pointed end of the brush. 3. We recommend using with a product such as Grangers Footwear + Gear Cleaner to fully restore the performance and appearance of your footwear.