Grangers Clothing Repel 5 Litre

Grangers Clothing Repel 5 Litre
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Brand: Wowcamping
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Grangers Clothing Repel adds durable repellency to all waterproof clothing. This easy-to-use, wash-in formula maximises breathability while restoring the performance of all technical fabrics. It reproofs your garment, keeping you warmer and drier for longer. This wash-in reproofer is ideal for all outdoor gear and recommended for all fabrics including Gore-Tex . Features: Adds durable water-repellency Maximises breathability Restores to like-new performance 100% recycled bottle Bluesign approved PFC-free Effective without heat activation Neutral odour How to Use: 1. Ensure garment is clean before application, we recommend washing beforehand with Performance Wash. 2. Use 100ml, adding 50ml per each additional garment. 3. Pour directly into washing machine drawer. 4. Wash according to care label instructions. 5. Air-dry or tumble dry if care label permits.