Grangers Clothing Repel 1L Eco Pouch

Grangers Clothing Repel 1L Eco Pouch
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The last thing you want to worry about when you’re out exploring is the weather. Come rain or shine, you want to know that your gear will keep you protected against the elements. This is why you need Clothing Repel. Clothing Repel is a PFC-free, bluesign approved, durable waterproofing treatment, formulated to keep your gear dry. Through buying this Eco Pouch, you’re helping us to do more to protect the world we all love to explore. By popping this beauty into the washing machine drawer, all your gear will be water-repellent once more. That means, if you get caught out in the rain, it’s no problem at all, you can stop and have a dance rather than panicking and running for cover because #withgrangersyoucan. Top tip We’d always recommend cleaning your gear with Performance Wash before adding any water-repellent treatment. HOW TO USE Reuse your cap from your Grangers bottle. No cap to hand? Measure out your required amount at home using a standard non-food measuring vessel. Measure out 100ml, adding 50ml per each additional garment Pour product into washing machine drawer Wash on a full cycle at 30 C/86 F or according to care label instructions. Air-dry or tumble dry if care label permits* * All Grangers protection products are effective when air-dried. However, for optimum durability, we recommend applying a small amount of heat such as a tumble dryer or hairdryer.